Superpowers Unite at BOMA + IFMA Joint Expo!
Monday, April 3, 2017
by: Lauren Eckels, Unire Real Estate Group

Section: Member News

On March 14th superheroes of the industry united in one of the premier events of the year.  If you missed the BOMA + IFMA Expo be sure to attend next year! Property and facility managers who were members of BOMA or IFMA as well as non-member industry principals received free entry and lunch. Everyone was welcomed to mingle with over 100 vendors who were showcasing their expertise and industry super powers. The Expo set the stage for the year on the latest trends in services and products as well as the best practices in the commercial real estate and facility industries. 

Attendees were able to discover solutions to manage and maintain their properties more efficiently, reduce operating expenses, save energy and implement green practices and more! All while networking and benefiting from leading experts and industry resources.

The serious side of business was softened with raffles every hour and most booths having games, candy and helpful giveaways, such as the amazing level/screw driver I picked up at one booth. Seeing vendors dressed up as superheroes may have shed them in a new light for some managers but it sure helped them get the attention they were hoping for. We all rely on successful business relationship to do our jobs and the Expo provided a perfect place to meet new and old vendors, as well as learn of new ways to get projects completed. Be sure to attend next year! I know I look forward to the Membership Committee’s theme for the next one!

A note from our President, Lynn Hulbert: "Huge well done, congratulations and thank you to everyone that participated in the BOMA/IFMA Expo, including sponsors, organizing committee and BOMA office. I know you all worked tirelessly to put this together and the end result was brilliant. I heard nothing but positive comments and feedback as I went around the Expo, it was such a great mix of education, fun and excitement with all the wonderful giveaways."