Being A Property Manager Is Not What I Intended To Be..
Thursday, May 5, 2016
by: Annette Ahumada, Scripps Health

Section: Member News

Being A property manager is not what I intended to be…

3:15 a.m. my phone rings and my day begins. Most property managers we are used to those random middle of the night calls, and make split second decisions while half asleep. “Burglar Alarm is triggered at north entry door, shall I dispatch the Police?”, says the Security Operator. Now, most people would panic when receiving a middle of the night call, and some would not even answer, but in our line of work sleep is a luxury. Yet, I still love what I do.

Being a property manager is not what I intended to be. Let’s all agree that no one wants to be woken up in the middle of the night regarding buildings that you don’t actually own.  At the beginning of this journey, I had a wonderful co-worker who was a Sr. Property Manager. She insisted that I look into becoming a Property Manager, and that the best starting point would be BOMA. I asked her what she loved the most about this position. She explained that in this industry you wear fifty hats, are never bored, and move up fairly quickly. Based on her referral, I attended a few BOMA luncheons, and met others in industry. The people I met were extremely helpful in guiding me through the next steps, and they all referred me to the BOMA education program.
I began taking classes, and started to see the clearer picture of this multi-faceted role in property management. I realized that I would be able to build, design, and manage spaces that would touch many lives.  The industry is changing so often that education is needed to keep with the times. I can go on and on about why I love this position, and how I have been blessed to have such wonderful support from my management team.
With each class, I was given more responsibility, and my titles began to change. I was able to find cost savings in the simplest ways once I had better understanding of finance, investments, and the affect it had on everyday operations. My company saw me as an asset, and began investing in my education. I understand the importance of networking because of the BOMA luncheons and conferences. These opportunities helped create negotiations on contracts to provide the best service for my tenants, without increasing the CAM charge.

Today I have stepped into a mentor role for those that are interested property management, to encourage education and networking. My team hears from me constantly, “If you are not learning you are not growing.” Every employee that has been on my team has wanted more than their current role in property management. They deserve to be given that same opportunity and support that I was given. As a mentor, each conversation I have begins with “Look into BOMA; it is a great starting point.” From where I started to how I got here, is an amazing educational journey. Thanks to BOMA San Diego and my peers in the industry, my success keeps developing.