March Luncheon
Friday, March 25, 2016
by: Brittany deBoer, ATI

Section: Member News

On March 8, BOMA membership gathered once again at the popular luncheon location, Tom Ham’s Lighthouse. With our city freshly washed by rain, the downtown skyline was glistening across the bay.
BOMA San Diego membership enjoyed a unique presentation highlighting one of San Diego’s most enjoyed industries: Beer. Bill Hooper of H.G. Fenton presented Brewery Ignited. It was a look into how the commercial real estate industry is tapping into San Diego’s affection for craft beer, and how they have contributed to the success of new commerce.
The investment to launch a new microbrewery is expensive. For the person who enjoys brewing beer in their garage, the prospect of opening a tasting room may seem unrealistic. They might be apprehensive about the level of risk involved. Brewery Igniter thought there could be an easier way to get brewers out of their garage, and into a commercial space.
By providing brewers with all of the equipment and space needed to start a brewery, the startup costs are reduced dramatically. As Brewery Igniter states “You’ve got the vision. You’ve got the skill.” They have the resources. For more information view their brief video. (

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