BOMA's July Luncheon
Wednesday, August 5, 2015
by: Ben Arvizu, CAM Services

Section: Member News

It was a full house at the beautiful Tom Ham’s Lighthouse for a spectacular BOMA Luncheon.  There were many new faces and all were welcomed with warm smiles. From checking in, to mingling, to finding a seat, you were greeted by “BOMA buddies” and introduced around. The atmosphere was calm and friendly, just like meeting old and new friends alike.
The topic was our impact on this historic drought in California. It was very informative and reminded us how to save and conserve. The lively, Brent Eidson of External Affairs, City’s Public Utilities Department shared some much needed light on what the city is doing and where we are at in this situation. We also had Wayne Harris from the Irvine Company and David Howell from Brickman Group share what they are doing and how the current climate has changed the landscape and building management industry. There was many  tricks of the trade that were shared to help managers on water saving tips. It’s as simple as making sure your toilets and sinks are not leaking, and checking your water heaters. Brickman shared many ways to save from sprinkler heads to drought tolerate  renovations (big and small). The list goes on and on,  but  the resources are out there.  Ask you current landscape rep or maintenance contractor or any BOMA Associate Member, we’d be happy to help.  

For more  information on the city regulations visit for the City of San Diego.

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