Being a BOMA Member
Tuesday, April 28, 2015
by: Ben Arvizu, CAM Services

Section: Member News

Future BOMA leaders can get an inside look into our members experience and learn what has made them successful.  There are many ways to network in our industry, but there is only one BOMA San Diego Chapter. With emerging leaders taking their membership to higher levels through each class, committee, and networking event, staying involved is key. You will learn the most important ways to keep in touch with industry related issues, new vendor topics, and how to grow your network. There are many success stories, and we wish we could display them all.
Below are a few testimonials that lay a foundation for you future leaders to understand that becoming a member is a way to grow as a professional and build your business. Read on, for you might take away some ideas and be just a little bit more successful today.
“I have been a member of BOMA for over two years now, and it has definitely been a great organization to be a part of. The networking available with peers in the Property Management industry as well as the top tier of service providers has been fantastic.   Being a part of BOMA has also given me a wealth of Real Estate industry knowledge from offerings such as monthly lunch presentations, BOMA classes, conventions, or e-mail newsletters.  As a graduate of The Foundations course offered through BOMA I can testify that this is great class for those just starting their career in Commercial Real Estate Management as well as those looking for a great overview class for the industry.  The instructors are top-notch and touring through some of the most beautiful buildings throughout San Diego was incredible.  I am glad that I joined BOMA and I plan to be a member for many years to come!”
Jesse Neville, Real Estate Manager
BOMA San Diego Principal Member
“I believe that being a part of BOMA is beneficial because it allows us to network with a variety of different vendors and different individuals in the same field as myself. Such networking allows one to build relationships and cultivate knowledge within our field, while learning from others. I find it very helpful to have relationships with different vendors and property management teams, because we can learn from each other's stories and experience.”
Tiffany Jenkins, Property Coordinator
Kilroy Realty Corporation
BOMA San Diego Principal Member
“BOMA San Diego is a boisterous group of professionals and driven individuals helping one another grow their careers or businesses. The networking, education and service opportunities are a valuable part of my membership. As I enter into my 2nd year with as an associate member, I am enthusiastic and confident that the relationships that I was able to foster in 2014 will be long lasting and fruitful for years to come. Their BOMA buddy program provides a warm welcome; making introductions to key players and answering any questions one may have. For this, I thank the Membership Committee for their dedication to new members and showing the value in continuing membership. Being involved has truly helped me create stronger relationships and I look forward to being a BOMA buddy for young professionals like myself in 2015.”
Bryal Wirth, Design + Development Planner
Heaviland Landscape Management
BOMA San Diego Associate Member