Thursday, March 12, 2015
by: Lisa Gualco and Barry Garson

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To recognize a deserving person's desire to pursue and expand a career in commercial real estate. The Scholarship can be used towards a RPA, FMA or SMA Institute Class sponsored by BOMA San Diego (valued at $1,035). The scholarship may also be used toward the BOMA Foundations of Real Estate Management Course, approved by BOMI for RPA credit (valued at $525).  (Please note: BOMI Institute will no longer apply passing of the Foundations course towards the RPA or FMA certification.)
1.  One year experience in commercial real estate.
2.  Employed or a resident in the San Diego BOMA service area.
3.  BOMA San Diego membership required; active member or employee of a member company.
4.  Awardee required to pay one-time BOMI enrollment fee (currently $175).
1.  Complete scholarship application.
2.  Include personally composed letter addressing desire for the scholarship award.
1.  Submit application to the Awards and Scholarship Committee in care of Barry Garson by email to bgarson@jmkeystone.com , by 5:00 p.m. Friday, April 17, 2015.  Download the application from www.bomasd.org (Education Page) or contact Barry Garson at bgarson@jmkeystone.com for application format.
2.  Prior unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to reapply as are prior recepients of the Scholarship.
3.  Classroom or accelerated programs are acceptable for funding.

San Diego Building Owners and Managers Association
Statement of Purpose 
The scholarship program recognizes a deserving person's desire to pursue and expand a career in commercial real estate.  Why is the scholarship named after Jack Moshgat? Jack Moshgat was a former Navy submarine commander who, upon retiring from the military, went into the property management field. He had a gruff, no-nonsense exterior; but, at heart, he was a generous and genuinely nice man. He worked for Tishman West for a number of years (at the time they were one of the largest management firms on the West Coast) and was the original manager of Columbia Center.  Jack was active in BOMA San Diego for many years and was President in 1987. He was a mentor and friend to many BOMA members in the 1980s and early-1990s, hence the decision to award the scholarship in his name.
The BOMA San Diego Scholarship Subcommittee will award two scholarships to fund the successful completion of one RPA, FMA or SMA professional designation course as provided in classroom or accelerated format by BOMA San Diego (valued at $1,035).  The scholarship may also be used toward a BOMA Foundations of Real Estate Management Course, approved by BOMI for RPA credit (valued at $525). Scholarships will be awarded annually based on funding available from the BOMA San Diego general fund.
Scholarship Subcommittee
(A)  The Scholarship Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the Awards Committee and will be composed of the following:
(1)  Awards Committee Chairperson or Vice Chairperson as selected by the BOMA San Diego President.
(2)  BOMA San Diego Awards Committee Members or other qualified BOMA San Diego Members as selected by the Awards Committee Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson.
(3) Members of the Scholarship Subcommittee are ineligible to apply for or be awarded a scholarship in the year they serve on the Subcommittee.
(B)   The Awards Committee will be responsible for promoting the scholarship program.  The Awards Committee will recommend to the Board of Directors policies and procedures for the Awards Committee in reviewing applicants for the program. The Awards Committee will receive all applications for scholarships, review and qualify the applicants, and select the scholarship recipients, if any.  The Awards Committee reserves the right not to present a scholarship in any year. The decisions of the committee shall remain final.
(C)    The Awards Committee is responsible for reviewing past recipients to ensure they are in compliance with scholarship participation requirements.
Eligibility  Requirements
To be considered for the BOMA San Diego Jack Moshgat Scholarship Program, an applicant must meet the following requirements:
(A)  Applicant must have a minimum of one year experience in the commercial real estate industry.
(B)  Applicant must be employed or a resident in a community served by BOMA San Diego.
(C)  BOMA San Diego is a membership requirement either as an active member or an employee of a member company.
 (D)  Applicant is not required to be currently enrolled in a BOMI designation program at the time they apply for a Scholarship.  However, applicant is responsible for payment of the one-time BOMI enrollment fee (currently $175.00).
Application Requirements
(A)  The candidate must complete the official scholarship application in its entirety.
(B)  The application must include a personally composed letter of no more than two typed pages describing:
         1)   The benefits of the designation to his/her career;
         2)    His/her opinion regarding why they need or deserve the scholarship;
                      3)    Long term career goals;
                      4)    Statement of financial need, if any.
(D) The application must be received by the Awards & Scholarships Committee Chairperson by 5:00 p.m., Friday, April 17, 2015.  The Awards and Scholarship Committee shall not consider any candidate not meeting all of the eligibility and submission requirements. 
(E) The Awards and Scholarship Committee shall inform all candidates in writing of the outcome of the scholarship selection process.
(F)  Unsuccessful candidates for the scholarship may be considered the following year or any year thereafter upon submission of a current application and personal letter.
(G)  The name of the scholarship recipient will be announced in the June 2015 newsletter.  A special presentation will be made at the May 2015 BOMA San Diego Membership Meeting.
Evaluation Criteria
The following criteria shall be used by the Awards and Scholarship Committee to select the scholarship recipient:
(A)  Commitment and desire towards a career in the commercial real estate industry.
(B)  Completeness of application.
(C)  Financial need.
Recipient's Participation/Maintenance Requirements
(A)   All courses must be taken in classroom or accelerated instruction sponsored by BOMA San Diego.  Under no circumstances will the scholarship fund the home study or classroom programs sponsored by other local BOMA Associations.  The course funded by the scholarship must be taken within one (1) year from the date of the award of the scholarship and will not be used for reimbursement of prior courses taken by the recipient.
(B) Recipient must attend 90% of the classroom sessions.
(C) Recipient must take the final exam on the date scheduled for the rest of the class.
(D) The recipient is responsible for any exam retake fees.
(E) Course tuition may not be substituted for a cash award and neither is transferable.

san diego building owners and managers association, inc.

Download the 2015 Jack Moshgat Scholarship application here.