Paragon Services Engineering Celebrates 15 Years
Monday, June 30, 2014
by: Paragon Services Engineering

Section: Member News

To Friends, Associates, Customers, Clients, and Business Partners,
Paragon Services Engineering is in full celebration of its fifteen-year anniversary.  Originally founded as San Diego Services, LLC, it started operations on January 1, 1999 in San Diego County.  Since, the company has expanded to other markets which necessitated the name change.  It is now operating in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles counties, Inland Empire, Northern California, Phoenix, Arizona and Nevada.
I would like to offer you our thanks and appreciation. You have made Paragon Services Engineering possible. Your support over the years has made not only the lives of Paragon Services Engineering employees and their families better, but it presented opportunities for personal development and career growth to many within the commercial real estate services industry throughout our operating markets.
We wake up each day with the goal of maintaining your trust and making each Paragon experience a great one. We work hard to improve and change daily.  We aspire to be an exceptional organization, driven by our commitment and passion for delivering superior customer service, fair and reasonable pricing, and creativity to help you, our clients, manage your assets. Your trust, loyalty, and continued patronage are earned daily and are so deeply appreciated.
I believe it is important for you to be assured that companies with whom you choose to do business with will be around for years to come. In uncertain economic times such as these, not to mention the constant “game-changing” necessitated by environmental issues and legislative process, know that Paragon Services Engineering will be here stronger than ever. Over the past fifteen years we have invested heavily in our infrastructure to support our corporate growth and continued business development.  We have a loyal, talented, and dedicated staff.  We have developed superior business partnerships.  We are continually involved and working to influence pending legislation as it affects our industry.  In other words, we have built a very strong foundation for corporate survival, growth, and success.
Thank you to all those that have contributed to our past successes, and we anxiously look forward to the opportunities of the future.
The Management Team at Paragon Services Engineering