President's Message 2021
Wednesday, January 27, 2021
by: Amber Molina, CommonWealth Partners

Section: President's Message

Last year, our organization began the year with the thematic approach of “Your Future in Focus,” however, as we quickly learned, the COVID-19 pandemic had other plans in store for us. 
We promptly pivoted to the virtual event platform and continued to provide the same level of quality offerings our membership has come to value. Our social media engagement is at record levels and our BOMA San Diego chapter remains as strong as ever, further demonstrating the resiliency of our organization.
With that in mind, this year’s theme for BOMA San Diego is “Building Resilience” and is centered around our industry’s ability to bounce back in the face of the pandemic and preparing us for all the challenges we face today, tomorrow, and beyond. Whether it’s informing our membership about the impacts of new regulations, or developing our members' careers through continuing education, and virtual networking, it is a part of our mission to be your strategic business partner and help shine a light on building resilience because of the shifting dynamics of our industry.
I encourage everyone to get the most out of their membership and participate in all the virtual opportunities that BOMA San Diego has to offer with the hope that someday soon we can hold in-person events when it is safe to do so. In the meantime, get involved, join a committee, participate in our events, or take a class towards your RPA designation. I can certainly attest that my participation in BOMA has not only enhanced my professional development, but has made me a better leader, a better listener, and a better collaborator.
As we’ve said many times before, the more you put into BOMA the more you get out of BOMA. This approach rings even more true today, as we’ve come to realize how important it is to stay connected and engaged within our industry.
So, with that same spirit of encouragement, I invite you to take on a more active role within BOMA and continue to build resilience both personally and professionally, as we look forward to another great year for BOMA San Diego.