First President's Message of 2020
Meet Amber Molina, BOMA San Diego's New President
Thursday, January 16, 2020

Section: President's Message

For those of you I have yet to meet, I’m Amber Molina, and I look forward to being your BOMA San Diego president. Last year we embarked on a thematic approach to our Programs & Seminars, and introduced a series of membership luncheons focused around “building the leader in you”. And with the new year comes a new theme.

This will be the year of "2020: Your future in focus," centered around new and emerging trends and industry developments and getting an inside look at where CRE is headed today, tomorrow, and beyond. Whether it's informing our membership on new regulation effecting our industry or developing our members' careers through continuing education and networking, it is a part of BOMA San Diego’s mission to be your strategic business partner and help shine a light on the future of our industry.

I encourage everyone to get the most out of their membership and participate in all the opportunities that BOMA San Diego has to offer. This year we will be resurrecting the TOBY awards task force, under the banner of the Awards & Scholarships Committee. So if you know of anyone interested in submitting a property, or would like to help the TOBY task force and take part in this prestigious competition, please do so, we would love to have you participate.  But get involved, join a committee, participate in our leadership collective, or take a class towards your RPA designation.

I can certainly attest that my participation in BOMA has not only enhanced my professional development, but it has made me a better leader, a better listener, a better collaborator, and a better friend.  I stand before you as president today because of the mentorship of many of you, and chief among them was our beloved friend and colleague who is no longer with us, Ray Magnussen, who one day said to me…. “You know what Amber, I see you being BOMA president one day”.  Of course, at that time, the thought of being president had never crossed my mind. But over time as my involvement with BOMA increased, I realized the more I put into BOMA the more I got out of it, both personally and professionally. So with that same spirit of encouragement, I embolden you to take on a new role within BOMA. And one day maybe you too can be voluntold to be president! JUST kidding, I wasn’t voluntold, I took on the role willingly, and I am honored that you have chosen me to be your president, and I thank you for entrusting me in this role.

To Tom Magnussen, I thank you for your mentorship and confidence in helping me assume this role. I’m sure everyone will agree when I say that he has set an extraordinary example as president and has raised the bar by setting a new standard of what it means to be BOMA president. Coming after you as president will be no easy feat, as I have big shoes to fill, and I can only endeavor to the reigns. So Tom, on behalf of BOMA I thank you tremendously for your leadership as president.