President's Message
Friday, June 28, 2019

Section: President's Message

Did you know your membership in BOMA San Diego includes membership in BOMA International and BOMA California? BOMA San Diego’s participation in each ensures local voices are heard at various levels of the industry as well as lawmakers and resources made available for our members in San Diego that have been developed through the collective involvement of our industry peers throughout the country. 
First, the Executive Committee will attend meetings with our seven California BOMA association counterparts in Sacramento. These meeting allow San Diego to share collaborative discussions that help identify state and local legislation impacting our industry. These discussions range from specific municipal regulations that may have narrow impact to statewide legislation and initiatives that fundamentally challenge how we do business. In addition, the Executive Committee will spend a day in the Capitol, meeting with senior officials in the Governor’s office, statewide business leaders, as well as our local representations to explain the value of the commercial real estate industry and advocate on behalf of our members.
Upon return, our Executive Committee delegation will travel to Salt Lake City and join members from across the country at BOMA International’s annual conference. BOMA San Diego has a strong reputation amongst our national peers through its dedicated participation at International. During the week-long conference, the Executive Committee will attend seminars that will provide best practices for not only management of the Association, but also important information on how we are better able to equip our committees and future leadership to continue to support BOMA San Diego.
I look forward to representing BOMA San Diego at these events and take great pride in advancing BOMA San Diego’s reputation on your behalf.
With all the excitement of graduations this month brings, I wanted to congratulate BOMA San Diego’s Paris Cox as one of BOMA’s first Certified Manager of Commercial Properties (CMCP). The CMCP seeks to validate and recognize fundamental education and knowledge for professionals in the early part of their career. BOMA’s CMPC Certification officially roles out July of this year; however, Paris was selected from applicants across the country to pilot this certification. As a member of this certification’s inaugural class, Paris’ success not only brings distinction to herself, but to our entire Association. Congratulations!