BOMA’s Texas Takeover: 2018 International Conference
Monday, July 23, 2018

Section: President's Message

By Tom Magnussen, Paragon Service Janitorial

Our 2018 Vice President, Amber Molina, on behalf of Commonwealth Properties, was recognized as a Green Lease Leader, a designation created by the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Alliance (BBA) and the Institute for Market Transformation certifying that a company has successfully executed multiple leases with green lease language. Congratulations Amber.
As an Association, BOMA San Diego members qualified more BOMA 360 buildings over the past year than any other association of similar size. The BOMA 360 designation benchmarks building performance in six key areas: operations and management; security and safety; training and education; energy; environment and sustainability; and tenant relations. Truly a comprehensive assessment that not only sharply defines our leadership in sustainable solutions, but also reinforces the broad disciplines that all must work together in order to achieve success. For me, that is the Best of BOMA. That through excellence in collaboration, our collective efforts singularly define us as the best. Congratulations to those building teams who were certified, I know BOMA San Diego will be on the 
leaderboard next year as well.
Dave Stucky Lifetime Achievement
For his decades of leadership and service to BOMA at all levels, Dave Stucky was honored with a Lifetime Membership in front of the BOMA International Board of Governors. Dave's dedication to BOMA San Diego has both established a fertile environment encouraging industry leaders as well as an institutional reputation for industry advancement and excellence. Serving on numerous committees, Dave was elected as BOMA International’s 2006 Secretary-Treasurer and is recognized across the country as one of BOMA’s preeminent voices. While recently retiring, Dave continues to find meaningful connections to the community and industry including volunteering with Promises 2 Kids, BOMA San Diego’s charitable partner. I wish Dave sincere congratulations for this tremendous 
honor and thank him greatly for his support, guidance, and mentorship.