October President's Message
Thursday, October 12, 2017
by: Lynn Hulbert, Providien Property Management

Section: President's Message

I love that Fall is here.  Personally, I like the cool nights although not so much the dark mornings.  This time of year always brings the old property management adage, “Sorry can’t meet, can’t talk, no sleep, can just about think – I’m in the middle of budgets!”  It’s such an important time of year not only for property managers but service providers alike. The Service Providers are the ones that get the panicked call, “I need a bid to ……. by this afternoon. Can you help?”  To me, this time of year emphasizes the importance of the relationships that are formed in BOMA between the Property Managers and Service Providers. We could not do our jobs without each other and the professional relationships that are formed over the years are vital to all our success.

There is lot’s to look forward to over the coming months and now is the time to reserve your table or your ticket for the Annual TOBY & Membership Awards Gala on November 11! The Special Events committee is working so hard in planning this annual event and trust me when I say that you won’t want to miss it!

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