June President's Message
Monday, June 5, 2017
by: Lynn Hulbert, Providien Property Management

Section: President's Message

Thank you to everyone that participated in the recent BOMA San Diego Membership survey; it has been so helpful. We received a fantastic 66 responses, mainly consisting of positive feedback, as well as very informative comments and constructive suggestions. Details to follow once we have finished reviewing and analyzing all the data.

Recently, Tom Magnussen and I were lucky enough to be invited by the San Diego Fire Department to participate in Fire Ops 101 Training. What an amazing experience it was! We got to spend the day at the San Diego Fire Department Training Center; suit up in firefighter gear, including full uniform, helmet and breathing apparatus; ride in a fire truck; put out a real fire; climb a fire truck ladder to the roof of a building (where we proceeded to cut a hole in the ceiling); and rescue a couple of “dummies” who were having heart attacks.  While I thought I always appreciated what our firefighters do to keep us safe, experiencing this training put it all into perspective. They are heroes, every one of them, and we should thank them
at every opportunity for the risks they take to save lives.

There is no luncheon in June as it is a big travel month for our Executive Committee. We will be in Sacramento meeting with BOMA California and then off to Nashville for the International Expo and Conference. These meetings are always such a great opportunity to network and share ideas with other local BOMA chapters.

Happy summer everyone!

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