February President's Message
Thursday, February 5, 2015
by: Kristin Howell, RPA, Meissner Jacquet Commercial Real Estate Services, BOMA San Diego President

Section: President's Message

Your BOMA San Diego Executive Committee recently returned from the BOMA International Winter Business Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona. No, we weren't there during the Super Bowl, much to the disappointment of several in our group, but we did have a great Winter Business Meeting, despite missing the 'big game' by only two weeks!
This Winter Business Meeting was a four day event filled with committee meetings and networking with other BOMA locals. The Board of Governors Meeting closed out the weekend and I am pleased to announce that BOMA San Diego was awarded the GOVIE for "Outstanding Single Government Affairs Issue - Large BOMA Local Association"!  The Government Affairs Awards of Recognition program (the GOVIES) recognize local and state associations for their excellence in  grassroots and issues.

We received this award "for successfully leading a true team effort, through the San Diego JOBS Coalition and a very well-organized, effective, and technologically innovative campaign, to protect San Diego’s job creators and, specifically, the commercial real estate industry from a dramatic and massive tax increase, through imposition of a local housing linkage fee.  Had this fee gone into effect, it would have served as a model for not only other municipalities in California, but throughout the United States, and would have resulted in a considerable adverse financial impact on commercial real estate. Thus, BOMA/San Diego’s efforts saved millions of dollars for BOMA members." 

Way to go San Diego!