A President’s Message from Melanie Bamba Milinkevich
Friday, February 23, 2024
by: Melanie Bamba Milinkevich, President of BOMA San Diego + Chief Operating Officer of RSI Roofing

Section: President's Message

Hello BOMA San Diego Community! We are excited to kick off Women’s History Month with our honorary women’s panel on March 12th, 2024 at Farmer & The Seahorse. This is easily our most well attended luncheon of the year and this year should be no exception. Our featured panelists are well-established professionals that have great insights to share.

In addition to this month’s luncheon, our Annual Golf Tournament is on March 29th, 2024 at Rancho Bernardo Inn. Dust off your clubs and start those practice swings – it’s sure to be a great time! Find registration details and more for our Upcoming Events here.

Everything you see BOMA do is organized and executed by a volunteer. I want to extend a special shout out to the Chairs, Vice Chairs and Sub-Chairs of each committee! These are the hard-working individuals behind every event that you attend, and I truly thank them for their efforts to enhance our organization. The 2024 Chairs and Vice Chairs are listed below with a brief description of their responsibilities: 


Awards, Scholarships & TOBY Task Force: Shelby Ballow + Isaac Warner; responsible for coordinating the membership awards for our annual gala, campaigning for education scholarships, and enlisting Principal Members to enter for the TOBY awards. 

Communications: Rachel Willis + Courtney Johnson; responsible for our monthly newsletter, our New Member and Member Spotlights, and our website updates. 

Community Service: Erica Mann + Amy Wall; responsible for engaging volunteer efforts to improve our local community. 

Education: Liz Howeth + Monique Adley; responsible for running our yearly annual educational offerings. 

Emergency Preparedness & Sustainability: Teresa Henning + Jessica Belcher; responsible for prioritizing the industry focus on Emergency Preparedness and Sustainability, as well as executing our annual emergency drill, CPR classes, and blood drives. 

Emerging Professionals: Emily Krogman + Paulina Tejeda; responsible for creating content and offerings specifically geared towards the emerging professional with less than seven years of experience in the industry.  

Finance: Nicole Schuck; responsible for ensuring that all committees stay on budget.  

Government Affairs: Renato Vazquez; responsible for aligning our legislative efforts in the best interest of the commercial real estate industry. 

Nominating Committee: Thor Emblem; responsible for interviewing and selecting the next Board of Directors. 

Life Science: Kami Nutt + Sara Visone; responsible for prioritizing the industry focus on Life Science through educational panels and other offerings designed to highlight current trends in the market. 

Membership: Stacy Kurko + Evelyn Martinez; responsible for prospecting and securing future principal members. 

Programs: Brooke Wheeler + Jessica Kalloch; responsible for organizing our six featured luncheons. 

Strategic Long Range Plan: Renato Vazquez; responsible for aiding the committees in identifying and adhering to their Strategic Long Range Plan. 

Special Events: Brittany Deal + Emily Krogman; responsible for coordinating and organizing the Golf Tournament, the Summer Event, and the Annual Gala. 

Sponsorship: Meagan Randazzo + Megan Horsfield; responsible for recruiting, protecting and reinforcing return on investment for all Annual Supporting Partners. 

If you are a paid member and you are interested in joining their committees, please visit the Committee Page for additional contact information*. *Note: unfortunately you are unable to sit on a committee without a paid membership. 

To each of those individuals listed above, we owe our thanks for every event that has already passed and every event we’ve yet to experience this year – thank you for your hard work and dedication to BOMA San Diego!