ADA Knowledge Direct from the Experts
Tuesday, September 12, 2017
by: Shelby Giese, Dowling Construction

Section: Membership Meeting

ADA compliance is an ongoing improvement project for most building owners, property managers, and facility managers. At our August luncheon, Cory Cabral, Senior CASp Inspector with Certified Access Services, demystified the misconception that a building built before 1991 is “grandfathered in” and does not have to comply with current ADA codes. This “grandfathered” idea is a myth, and all buildings should be actively setting ADA compliance goals and working towards achieving them, within reason of course. According to Craig McMahon, BOMA San Diego General Counsel, and Partner at the Law Offices of Kimball, Tirey & St. John LLP, there are 1-3 ADA cases filed per week with parking lot cases being the most prevalent. So, as an owner or manager, making your parking lot compliant should be high on your ‘ADA goals’ list. Being proactive with improvements is important as Jon Archer, Project Manager with Crew Builders Inc., noted that even the smallest TI can trigger ADA issues which have previously been swept under the rug.

What can you do as an owner/manager to stay up to date with all the ADA codes and requirements? First, receive some first-hand experience by attending any of your building’s TI final inspections or schedule a post-inspection review. Another great resource is to arrange for an on-site meeting with a CASP inspector so you know what areas of your building will be flagged. John with CREW could not have said it any better, “Be aware, get prepared, and stay proactive.”