Education Update
Tuesday, July 11, 2017
by: Tracy Perrelle, BioMed Realty

Section: Committee Announcements

The BOMA SD Education Committee is pleased to congratulate the following students on their successful completion of the 2017 BOMA Foundations Course: Angel Castellanos, Ashley Huss, Ashley Mathewson, Christopher Holdcraft, Connie Scoggins, Dan Landis, Ermina Allen, Karen Chu, Katie Knowles, Kim Boone, Linda Ron, Monique Guerrero, Omaira Adalat, Samantha Noddin, and Terrell Brown. We look forward to recognizing the students at the July luncheon and encouraging them to continue their participation in BOMA educational opportunities and events. 

We would also like to thank our instructors who generously shared their time and expertise to make this year’s course a success: Craig McMahon from Kimball, Tirey & St. John LLP; David Susi and John Sawaya from RSI Roofing & Solar; Jerry Peel and Martin Naranjo from A.O. Reed; John Reynolds from HKA Elevator Consulting;  Grant Schoneman from JLL; Thor Emblem from ABM; Clay Rogers, Clint Collins, Kris Kopensky, and Wayne Harris from Irvine Company; and Karen Sztraicher, Tracie Hager and Tracy
Perrelle from BioMed Realty. We would like to also thank Jaimi Lomas from A.O. Reed,  Isabel Escobar from Irvine Company and Thor Emblem from ABM for hosting this year’s training sessions.  As you can see, it takes a village to pull this course together and the BOMA SD Education Committee sincerely thanks the on-going support of its BOMA SD members in making it a success.
Stay tuned for our upcoming 2017 classes:
1. Law & Risk Management - August 17-19
2. Real Estate Investment & Finance - October 26-28

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