Proposition "A" SANDAG Half-Cent Sales Tax Measure
$43 Billion Boost to San Diego's Construction Industry
Wednesday, August 31, 2016
by: Molly Chase

Section: Committee Announcements

Voter Approved Transnet has Paid Billions in Dividends
Since voters approved the half-cent “Transnet” sales tax in 1987, over $3.3 billion in San Diego County transportation improvements have benefited every construction business in the region:
  • More than 400 lane miles added to highway system
  • More than 20 transit projects to increase frequency on trolley and commuter rail
  • Hundreds of local road projects to fill potholes and fi x neighborhood infrastructure 
The Need for an Additional One-Half Cent
Since voters approved the ½ cent “Transnet” sales tax in 1987, $3.3+ billion in San Diego County transportation improvements have benefited every construction firm in the region.  However, current borrowing capacity runs out in 2020.  If Prop. A doesn’t pass, current Transnet projects will be “pay as your go” basis, resulting in possible phasing of projects, such as I-5 North Coast and MidCoast Trolley.  Other projects also would be at risk. 
Billions of Dollars Will Be pumped into the San Diego region
This measure will generate over $18 billion in local revenue ($308+ million annually), and it will leverage an additional $20 to $30 billion in state and federal matching funds.
  • $2.6 billion will fund express lanes on I-5, SR 52, SR 78, SR 94; improvements on I-8, SR 52, SR 56, SR 67; and freeway connectors between I-5/SR56, I-5/SR78, SR94/SR125.
  • $4.3 billion for local infrastructure projects…to fix potholes, repair bridges, maintain/upgrade streets, synchronize traffic lights.
  • $7.5 billion for a new Trolley line, new RAPID bus routes, and rail corridor double tracking
  • $540 million for bike lanes/sidewalks/crosswalks, and underpasses at rail crossings.
  • 180,000 construction jobs will be created
Support Local Infrastructure Investment and Join the Campaign for a Better San Diego
Your support and financial assistance is necessary in order to pass this measure.  If it fails, expect longer commute times, and delays or elimination of vital transportation projects.
Visit or contact Molly Chase at or (619) 345-3700 for more information.