Government Affairs Committee
May Round Up
Tuesday, May 31, 2016
by: Julianna Chick, California Strategies

Section: Committee Announcements

Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s Fiscal Year 2017 Proposed Budget
Mayor Kevin Falconer recently released his proposed budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2017, and staff presented it to the BOMA Government Affairs Committee this month. The $3.3 billion budget is balanced, maintains enhanced reserve levels for the general and risk management funds, restores and enhances core services, and continues the Mayor’s focus on investing in neighborhood infrastructure.
The proposal includes the largest investment in the Capitol Improvement Program (CIP) in the City’s history. Particularly noteworthy is the commitment to water projects including over 65% of the CIP budget for wastewater, reclamation and distribution, and potable reuse. Coupled with general fund investments in additional staff to assist with new storm water regulation compliance, additional homeless services, and the City’s serial inebriate program, BOMA members believe this balanced budget addresses the City’s priorities in the right and responsible way. The BOMA San Diego Board of Directors voted to support the Mayor’s budget at their May meeting.
City of San Diego Commercial Food Waste Recycling Program
As a part of their continuing effort to reach zero waste goals of 75% diversion by 2020, 90% by 2035, and zero waste by 2040, the City of San Diego has implemented a program for food waste recycling. Food waste materials are collected and processed into compost at the Miramar Greenery for a discounted tipping fee.
To participate, waste generators must be in full compliance with the City’s Recycling Ordinance and engage in a pilot program phase that includes instruction and training for all administrators, kitchen managers, and maintenance supervisors by city staff. Throughout the pilot period, city staff will provide technical assistance for on-site and logistical implementation. Once successfully completing the pilot phase, the facility will become a regular participant in the program.
This month, GAC members met with city staff and BOMA member Hazard Center Plaza representatives to discuss Hazard Center’s pilot program. Members engaged in a robust discussion of implementation and recommended to city staff that a consistent and transparent application of the rules and standards be clearly communicated to property owners and tenants to ensure that they can quickly and appropriately comply. Through the cooperation of tenants and the City of San Diego’s Environmental Services Department, Hazard Center has successfully completed their pilot program.
For more information on how your facility can participate, please click

1,000 Homeless Veterans Initiative
The San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) in partnership with the City of San Diego has launched a new initiative of Housing First San Diego, SDHC’s three-year Homeless Action Plan, to provide housing opportunities for up to 1,000 homeless Veterans in the City within one year. The 1,000 Homeless Veterans Initiative will provide incentives for landlords who rent to homeless Veterans in the city in the form of incentive payments, security deposit and utility assistance, and a landlord contingency fund.
The program also includes funding for rapid re-housing through rental payment support and up-front move in costs. To further assist chronically homeless Veterans with an honorable discharge and disabling condition, 300 existing Federal HUD VASH vouchers are available as a part of the 1,000 Homeless Veterans program. For Veterans who are not eligible for Federal VASH vouchers, 100 sponsor-based housing vouchers will be available to nonprofit or for-profit organizations that provide supportive services to homeless San Diegans.
Homelessness is an issue that should concern everyone and has a big impact on property owners, tenants, and visitors, particularly in areas of high concentration like Downtown and in Mission Valley where many of our members exist. BOMA San Diego will continue to follow and support programs like the 1,000 Homeless Veteran Initiative to provide housing and supportive services as quickly as possible. We applaud the leadership of Mayor Kevin Faulconer and the San Diego Housing Commission for their commitment to ending homelessness in our City.  

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