Pizza, Beer, Wine, Golf.. Sign Me Up!
Emerging Leaders Golf Instruction Happy Hour
Tuesday, May 31, 2016
by: Alina Talbott, Hines

Section: Committee Announcements

The BOMA Emerging Leaders Committee planned a clever event this month at the Sorrento Valley Golf Center. The event took place at their driving range on a Wednesday evening and attendees were treated to a free golf swing analysis and some pointers from a Pro Golfer! I have to admit that my initial draw to this event had everything to do with the fact that the Dang Brothers Pizza 1974 Vintage Fire Engine Food Truck would be serving up wood fired pizzas. If you haven’t heard of them, they are worth seeking out! My second draw to the event was the golf instruction and swing analysis provided by Brian Bobbitt, a British Professional Golf Instructor. Given that the event was only $10, this was a steal of a deal!
I had brushed about 10 years of dust off of my golf clubs in preparation for this event and took a few swings to warm up. To say I was “rusty” would be too kind. The beer and wine was flowing and surprisingly that glass of Cabernet loosened up my swing. Go figure. There was a putting contest and a longest drive contest for those in the competitive spirit. The crowd was chatting away and networking while individuals took turns with Brian Bobbitt for the personal instruction. I had gained a little confidence with my warm up session, and then Brian promptly put me back in my place. His pointers on grip, toe direction, knee position, and arm extension were so helpful that his delightful British accent would be playing over in my head through the rest of the evening. Wait, had he told me which way my ears were supposed to face too? I forget. He even emailed us each a video of our analysis! One thing is for sure, the lesson was a reminder that I have some work to do before the BOMA Summer Golf Tournament.
Congratulations to Michelle Plummer of Transwestern, winner of the “most accurate drive”, and to Ron Lovell of Helix Mechanical who won the Putting Contest with a score of 5.

BOMA San Diego would also like to send a very special thank you to the incredible sponsors that made this event possible. Thank you to ABM Onsite Services, GMI, Paragon Services Engineering, Commercial Cleaning Systems, Heaviland Landscape Management, J&M Keystone, Inc., LaBahn's Landscaping, New Way Landscape & Tree Services, Sildorf & Levine, and Universal Protection Service.


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