2016 TOBY Committee
Wednesday, February 3, 2016
by: Jessica Kalloch, Bill Howe Plumbing

Section: Committee Announcements

Welcome TOBY Entrants, we are excited about this year and look forward to working with you in entering your building for The Outstanding Building of the Year! The 2016 TOBY committee will break down the entry process for you each month. Each month we will offer insightful tips to get you started, to eliminate the daunting task of it becoming overwhelming. We will be available with any guidance to help make this a successful year for you.

2015 BOMA International TOBY Winner
Kilroy Centre Del Mar
Owned and Managed by Kilroy Realty Corporation

Managed by Bernadette Blanco of Kilroy Realty Corporation

This month, February; It's a good start to look at the Building Description. Provide a summary of the physical description of the building and property location. Make sure to use as many adjectives to describe your buildings structure, design, the feelings a guest has upon entering the property. What stands out to someone who has come across the property. Note the information you provide will be used in the BOMA press releases regarding the TOBY competition.

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