The 2016 EER Surveys...Coming soon!
Tuesday, February 2, 2016
by: Christy Mickel, Cambridge Holdings, Inc.

Section: Committee Announcements

Each year, BOMA International offers the most accurate and comprehensive benchmarking resources for both the office and the industrial sectors-the Office Experience Exchange Report (Office EER) and the Industrial Experience Exchange Report (Industrial EER). But before BOMA can provide these critical resources to the commercial real estate industry this year, we need you to share your data with the 2016 Office EER survey and/or the 2016 Industrial EER survey, depending on the building types you own or manage.   

Market fundamentals are continuing to strengthen and competition in both the office sector and the fast-growing industrial sector are heating up. The benchmarking data found in this year's reports will be vital for successfully navigating new market realities. That's why your participation in the 2016 EER surveys is so important.

Help us continue a legacy of benchmarking excellence-and use the detailed income and expense data collected to position your property or portfolio for success once the reports are launched in June.

More info to come soon!

Great prizes for participating!

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