May 2015 Committee Updates
Monday, June 1, 2015
by: Committee Chairs

Section: Committee Announcements

Awards and Scholarships:
Written by Barry Garson, JM Keystone

The Awards committee just finished picking two Jack Moshgat scholarship award winners that were announced at the last luncheon.  Congratulations to the winners: Rhonda Vicker from Meissner Jacquet and Janelle Duff from Kilroy!
The awards committee is responsible for nominations and selection of the much coveted membership awards, Principal of the Year, Associate of the Year, among others. 
Our committee is also in charge of all of the nominee gifts and the actual awards given out the night of the gala, November 7th.

Please don't forget to keep in mind who you think deserves these awards so when we send out the ballots you can make your vote count!

Written by Samantha Portnoy, HarBro

The Communications Committee is working very hard to increase the communication within BOMA as well as for potential BOMA members.  Our goal is to improve communication between all BOMA Committees, BOMA members as well as potential members interested in BOMA as a whole.  We are excited to inform you that our current Chair, Samantha Portnoy, along with the entire committee, have asked Brittany DeBoer, to step into the role of Vice Chair for this committee.  With our roles established and a dedicated group of committee members, we are very excited to see all the improvements our committee can make within the news updates, website and general understanding of all the benefits of BOMA here in San Diego.  The Communications Committee has invited several potential members to attend our monthly meetings and we are very excited to possibly add to our committee.  The committee is working very hard to encourage and facilitate communication throughout BOMA as a whole.  The committee is excited for what is to come and look forward to sharing more about BOMA and all the benefits associated with being involved with BOMA.

Written by Meaghan O'Brien

Hello BOMA! The Membership committee has been working very hard to create a new and exciting EXPO for you this year. We should have an official announcement very soon but want to make sure that everyone is aware of our new date this year. Typically the Expo is held in November or December. This year we will be having the Expo on Tuesday September 15th. Please mark your calendars!

For those of you who are new or haven't participated in the Expo before, this is your chance as a vendor to meet with Property Managers in a trade show setting to inform them of what your company can do for their properties. For Property Managers, this is a great way to meet new vendors or touch base with your current vendors and say hello. We always like to stress the importance of "Buying BOMA" and supporting one another's efforts to improve your commercial properties.


Programs & Seminars
Written by Jessica Kalloch, Bille Howe

The Programs & Seminars Committee strives to keep a positive impression of luncheons and seminars.  Our Goal is to provide the membership with an ideal blend of relevant and educational information. Kami Nutt with Cushman Wake has joined our Committee as Vice Chair and has been very helpful in keeping information fresh and has identified informative information to our Principle members.  Currently our Committee is working on  Decoding Title 24 as a Seminar. We are also looking at Building tours coming in the Summer.

We are very excited to have another great year!

Written by Samantha Portnoy, HarBro

The Sponsorship committee is dedicated to making sure all the annual sponsors are recognized continuously throughout the year, at BOMA events, on the website, through social media and really as much as possible.  Our goal is to continue to improve the value of being an annual BOMA sponsor and to encourage “BUY BOMA” to increase BOMA members to utilize all the services provided by all BOMA sponsors and members.

TOBY Awards
Written by Janelle Duff, Kilroy Realty

The TOBY Committee recently compiled our 2015 Local TOBY entrants. We are currently in the process of setting up tours for our entrants, assigning judges, and reaching out experienced past TOBY entrants to serve as buddies for our entrants. Tours will be held the last 2 weeks of July. The TOBY Committee would like to thank all the time and support of BOMA San Diego Members that contribute their time to our committee, trainings, judging, and of course our Property Managers entering the competition.

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