BOMA "Peer" Definition
Monday, September 29, 2014
by: Keith Woolgar, Brinks Services, BOMA San Diego's Membership Committee

Section: Committee Announcements

peer,  noun \ˈpir\

1) a person who belongs to the same age group or social group as someone else
2) a member of the British nobility
Within any group of people, whether a professional group or a summer bowling league, there are always groups within the group.  Let’s call them sub-groups for now.

For example, in the broad category  “Real Estate Professionals”, there are subgroups including  everything from owners to managers, agents to brokers, and consultants to real estate planners.

In the broad category “Building Owners and Managers”, there are several subgroups as well.  Two of them might be BOMA Member or Non-BOMA Member.

Further, under “BOMA Member”, we might have Active BOMA Member as a sub category.

From “Active BOMA Member” we can easily point to a category of leaders who are the committee members, chairs and co-chairs, board members and volunteers that make an organization like BOMA move forward or not move at all.

Per the definition above, leaders who “belong to the same age group or social group as someone else” are known as ‘peers’.

The importance of developing a suitable peer group has been well documented over the years; you are who you hang out with.  Leaders seek out other leaders on a crowd, for example.

To further leverage your BOMA membership, become a leader. Contact Chelsey Tapie at the BOMA Office today to let her know how you would like to become more involved. 

Your peers are waiting for you.