BOMA Buddy Program Kicks Off!
Tuesday, March 4, 2014
by: BOMA San Diego's Membership Committee

Section: Committee Announcements

The Membership Committee is happy to announce the kick-off of the new BOMA Buddy program!  Each new incoming BOMA member, Associate or Principal, will have a representative of the Membership Committee assigned to them as their BOMA Buddy.  Their BOMA Buddy will “take the new member under their wing,” be their immediate BOMA contact, and also introduce them around and be their “security blanket” at the various BOMA functions. Our goal is to enable the new member to feel a part of our wonderful BOMA community from the very start of their membership, maximize their membership from day one, and hopefully become a long-time member.
We encourage all BOMA members to seek out the new members, designated by a written name tag or permanent tag with the “New Member” ribbon, introduce yourself and assist the Membership Committee in making the member feel welcome.