Attention New Members: You're Invited to BOMA's New Member Mixer March 27!
Monday, February 3, 2014
by: BOMA's Membership Committee

Section: Committee Announcements

The Membership Committee wants to take a moment to invite you to our 2014 New Member Mixer at Seasons 52 in UTC La Jolla on March 27th. This is a great opportunity for you to meet other new members who, like you, may be feeling a little uncomfortable going into the monthly meeting. By attending this event you will have others to identify with and seek out at future meetings. Come, enjoy and meet fellow new members!  We look forward to meeting you soon.
Don’t forget, joining a committee is absolutely the BEST way to establish new relationships and an opportunity to maximize your membership! Jump on the fast-track and register today to attend BOMA’s “Get Engaged” Seminar, where you will have a chance to meet all the BOMA committee Chairs and Vice Chairs and discover which committee suits you best!