How Are YOU Evolving? - BOMA International Conference & Expo
Thursday, March 28, 2024
by: Tiyana Smallegan CMCP, CBRE

Section: Committee Announcements

The commercial real estate industry is more robust than ever. Buildings are becoming smarter, property management is being reimagined, policy is changing how owners are positioning their assets, and the way people work is evolving. As property management professionals in this industry, one thing remains constant: CHANGE. The workflows and demands of today’s tenant are different. The priorities of our clients are shifting. The buildings we manage are becoming increasingly cutting-edge.

The question is, are YOU evolving with the industry? The BOMA International Conference & Expo is your opportunity to learn the latest trends, discover the newest technology and connect with the best in the business.

Consider these ideas to make a strong case for attending:

  1. Emphasize the Benefits of Attending – How will your company benefit from you attending… new ideas, information, connections, etc.
  2. Demonstrate how you Intend to Spend your Time – Choose education sessions that speak on your company’s objectives, plan to meet with vendors that offer what your buildings need, etc.
  3. Crunch the Numbers to Show the Value – What’s the cost & what’s it worth? Use the Cost & Budget Analysis to break it down for your company.
  4. Follow Up Post Conference – Report back to your team on what you learned, what you want to implement or discuss and conference activities. Use the Post-Event Report to help your discussion!

The following ROI tools are customizable and can help get you to the 2024 BOMA Int’l Conference & Expo:

View Online Here:   

See you this July at the BOMA 2024 International Conference & Expo in Philadelphia, PA!