The EP & TOBY Committees Join Forces for a Building Tour
Thursday, March 28, 2024
by: Kelsey Ramirez – Titan Fire Protection

Section: Committee Announcements

The Emerging Professionals Committee started off this year strong with an amazing walk through of a past The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) Award winning building, Kilroy Sabre Springs. This award-winning building set the standard high, showcasing a great example for all the new incoming entries of TOBY 2024. 


Isaac Warner from American Assets Trust represented the TOBY Committee and shared the prerequisites and details that judges look for when walking through potential award-winning buildings. He discussed different categories that buildings or campuses can be entered in based on the locations and assembly of building(s). He also detailed the ways that property managers can prepare and make their building(s) stand out from others. Sustainability is a main category in which buildings are judged and an example Isaac gave was how he has seen buildings incorporate the use of beehives.   


After Isaac provided an overview of the TOBYs, the Kilroy Sabre Springs engineering and property management team gave the group a tour of the campus. We saw the beautiful green landscape in front of the parking lot, a brand new lobby with classy taste, a state of the art gym that offers dance and yoga classes for their tenants, a modern restaurant, and an energy saving parking lot with solar. Overall, this event was a success and a great learning opportunity for potential TOBY Award winners!


Are you eager to learn more about the TOBY Competition but missed this great event? Attend the BOMA 360 & TOBY Competition Lunch & Learn on April 4th! Register here.