Giving Blood, Saving Lives
Wednesday, June 28, 2023
by: Jessica Belcher, BioMed Realty & Teresa Henning, American Assets Trust

Section: Committee Announcements

Blood drives play a critical role in ensuring a stable and sufficient supply of blood for emergencies and medical treatments. Organizations like the San Diego Blood Bank work tirelessly to encourage and facilitate blood donations. The Blood Bank, in partnership with organizations like BOMA San Diego, plays a significant role in hosting these drives that save countless lives.


The San Diego Blood Bank has been serving the San Diego community since 1950. It provides blood and blood products to more than 50 hospitals in the region, ensuring that patients have access to safe and timely transfusions when needed. The demand for blood is constant, with patients in need for various reasons, including surgeries, accidents, cancer treatments, and chronic illnesses, to name a few.


BOMA San Diego has been a longstanding advocate of emergency preparedness, recognizing the importance of collective action to save lives. Giving blood is one of many components to aid our communities when the need arises. BOMA San Diego has significantly contributed to the success of blood drives facilitated by our local blood banks and done in partnership with our member properties and their tenants. Their encouragement and implementation of blood drives has yielded remarkable results. Over the past three years, our unwavering commitment has directly contributed to saving the lives of 331 individuals. Each donation made at BOMA San Diego-supported blood drives has made a tangible and lasting impact on our communities;

with each pint saving up to three lives. 


By participating in blood drives, individuals contribute to the betterment of their community and directly impact the lives of patients facing critical medical conditions. BOMA San Diego's enduring support and the generosity of blood donors have collectively made a difference in the lives of countless individuals. Your donation can truly make a difference in someone's life.

To host a drive at your office or building or to donate, please visit For more information, contact the Emergency Preparedness Sustainability Committee Chair, Nicole Schuck.