BOMA San Diego Emerging Professional Seira Melendez of IDS Real Estate Group wins the BOMA International CMCP Scholarship
Wednesday, June 28, 2023
by: Michele Ignacio, A.O. Reed & Co.

Section: Committee Announcements

Congratulations to BOMA San Diego Emerging Professional Seira Melendez of IDS Real Estate Group for winning the BOMA International J. Michael Coleman Certified Manager of Commercial Properties (CMCP) Scholarship!  BOMA International awards this scholarship to early-career property managers pursuing the CMCP certification.   While working on a slide deck project for BOMA San Diego’s Membership Committee, Seira researched and learned more about BOMA International’s offerings, found the CMCP scholarship page, applied, and won!


Read below to learn more about Seira’s CMCP scholarship experience:


BOMA San Diego: Congratulations on winning the CMCP Scholarship through BOMA International!  What is the CMCP?

Seira: Certified Manager of Commercial Properties. The CMCP certification is administered by the Commercial Real Estate Certification Institute (CRECI), an independent certification institute created by BOMA International and BOMI Certification, Inc.

BOMA San Diego: How did you learn about the program?

Seira: During a Membership Committee meeting, I volunteered to work on a new member’s powerpoint explaining the value/perks of being a BOMA member. While I was researching, I noticed the CMCP scholarship is available every quarter.  

BOMA San Diego: What/who motivated you to apply?

Seira: Michele Ignacio. She has encouraged me to get involved, and at times get out of my comfort zone.

BOMA San Diego: What was the application process like? What was involved?

Seira: You must meet the following requirements:

  • Four-year degree and 1 year of property management experience, or
  • Two-year degree and 2 years of property management experience, or
  • No degree and 4 years of property management experience, and
  • 30 hours of verifiable education in commercial property management

Then you must submit the following:

-Cover Letter (no more than 2 pages with 500 words minimum) that includes:

  • Why you are interested in obtaining the CMCP certification
  • Brief description of your career goals and how you hope earning the CMCP will impact your work/career.
  • Letter of recommendation from your employer or supervisor and confirming your BOMA membership.
  • Copy of your resume, including your education and work history.

For me, Shane Isdaner from IDS Real Estate Group provided a letter of recommendation, and I highly appreciate his support throughout the process.

BOMA San Diego: What is your property management journey to date and how will the CMCP designation help you get to where you want to go?

Seira: I have been very happy with my property management journey to date. I have met wonderful people over the years. However, I am excited to gain knowledge that will help me succeed in my career. 

To learn more about the CMCP certification, visit this link.

To apply for the CMCP scholarship, visit this link.