Diversity in Leadership
Friday, May 26, 2023
by: Anastasiya Plotina, Hines

Section: Committee Announcements

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (a subcommittee of Programs & Seminars) held the April Diversity in Leadership luncheon featuring Dustin Sutton, Founder and CEO of Sutton Real Estate Advisors and Founder of BCREN (Black Commercial Real Estate Network). Dustin spoke to the group about his journey through real estate and creating a community within the industry when it was hard to find similar perspectives.  Here are some of the event takeaways from the audience:

Melanie Bamba Milinkevich (Event Moderator, RSI Roofing): “There is something about Dustin that is both humble and vulnerable that makes him incredibly relatable. His willingness to be so open and so honest is definitely something I’ll remember.”

Mari Mayberry (Jones Lang LaSalle): “Sometimes people aren't given the space and the opportunity to thrive. As a self-made and successful business owner, Dustin is an example and inspiration for us all to not be hindered by obstacles or a lack of support and opportunity. My take-away is that if there isn't a space and opportunity provided, we must create it for ourselves.”

Pearl Lai (Innovative Industrial Properties): “Dustin pinpointed the needs for inclusivity and connections for people of color. As a leader, he brings both knowledge and humility which makes him relatable and personable. His journey is both incredibly insightful and inspiring.”

Anastasiya Plotina (Hines): “I loved Dustin’s focus on vulnerability, openness, and honesty as a means to connect with others. It is great to see those values become more and more important to those in the C-suites. His story was compelling and a great example of a Zig Ziglar quote he used at the event: “You can have everything in life that you want if you just give enough other people what they want.”