Maintaining your Plumbing Systems
Thursday, April 4, 2019

Section: News

By Will Smith, A.O. Reed & Co. 

Everyone knows that you need to maintain your HVAC systems! Let us tell you why it’s just as important to maintain your Plumbing systems! 
We are in the age of water conservation. Plumbing manufacturers are racing to design the best and most efficient low-flow fixtures around the latest title 24 codes, regulations and restrictions.  These high efficiency fixtures can come at a high price to the end user. Not only will you pay for updated high-efficiency fixtures, but low flow can cause an increase in sewer backups on the customers’ existing sewer system. Even though building codes for fixtures have changed drastically over the past few years, the plumbing code and sizing of sewer systems has not. The reduced flow from the fixtures can result in less water flow and increase the frequency of clogs and backups. To help prevent these costly service calls (and sewage remediation) the best solution is to perform plumbing drain maintenance. 
Urinals and lavatory sinks back up every year in almost all commercial buildings. Proactive and scheduled maintenance cannot eliminate all backups or sabotage. But, our 100+ years of plumbing history clearly shows that performing drain maintenance will help reduce the number and severity of emergency drain calls.  It certainly doesn’t take 100+ years to know that tenants are not very happy waiting for a plumber while drains are overflowing. The aggravation of the backup is only compounded when a restoration company needs to be called in.   
A.O. Reed & Co. performs all levels of planned plumbing maintenance. Contact Will Smith ( for your plumbing maintenance questions and general recommendations! #maintainyourplumbingsystems