Savings with a View
Thursday, April 4, 2019

Section: News

By Joel Allen of Campbell Corporation

The warm, sunny days are coming. With all this sunshine, a few things are to be expected: Instagram worthy sunsets, beach days, and complaints about hot window offices. Yep. If one of your properties includes window offices or any place that people sit in front of windows for long periods of time… someone will complain. Maybe the attention is misdirected to something else that’s already working its brushless, variable-speed motors off. But, by now the thermometer has already been adjusted, and it’s not really getting better. You compromise and install blinds or shades. But, what do you have now? A room with no view, flooded with artificial light. Oh, and it’s still getting hot.
You can reduce a significant amount of solar heat gain by installing a solar control window film. Window films reject the Sun’s heat before it passes through the window, but still allows natural light in. Blinds and shades capture the Sun’s light and heat after it’s already come in through the glass, and then reradiates that heat inside. The difference has a direct effect on the cooling load, comfort and, possibly, the occupancy of that space. Since window films slow down the time it takes for a room to warm up, the HVAC can quickly and more efficiently cool down the space. Not only less energy wasted, but also less maintenance on your HVAC system. The Department of Energy found that window films have an average ROI of three years, but one year or less is not uncommon. With a lifespan of a couple decades, that payback adds up.
These same window films reduce glare and filter the light. Now that the blinds are opened, and the shades pulled back, you’ve got an abundance of - controlled - natural daylight flooding your space. Sunshine on your face is once again inviting. And now the view can be enjoyed again. You’re instantly saving money on your energy bill and you’re providing a more comfortable and happier environment for your tenants.
Curious what your windows are costing you in energy savings? Contact a local window film professional.