Faces of BOMA- Bri Johnson, Makai West
Thursday, February 28, 2019

Section: News

Hello, my name is Bri, and this is my story of how and why I joined BOMA, along with some of the success and fails along the way. I joined BOMA when I started working for Makai West. Makai West is a big advocate of BOMA. They are very supportive of my active participation with BOMA. 
As a past Board Member, Special Events Member, and TOBY Member, Jennifer Flood, President of Makai West, inspired me to join committees of my own. Utilizing her advice,  I joined the Emerging Leaders Committee and Community Service Committee. 
The first event that I helped planned provided great learning experiences and successes that turned into victories. My first challenge was selecting commute hour in Mission Gorge. Luckily, everyone made it thru the traffic safely and arrived just in time to hear my first-time speech. In the end, it turned out to be an “axe-tastic” event with some extra tasty hors d’oeuvres. Our guests learned about industrial properties in the current market  and what is involved in the leasing process. Now reflecting, I learned about one of my weaknesses and how BOMA can be a  business resource to turn those weaknesses into strengths. This event embodied what BOMA San Diego is truly about; developing professional skills through leadership opportunities, education, and networking.  
By the end of 2018, our building won the TOBY award, I won the Rising Star award, and the “You’re the Greatest” award from Emerging Leaders. The connections I have made along the way has been some of my most significant rewards. BOMA has advocated opportunities for me to partner with vendors, continue my education through lunch and learns, and take on leadership roles within different Committees.