Committees Bring You ROI
Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Section: News

By Michele Ignacio, A.O. Reed & Co. 

Volunteering on a committee is the best way to build relationships within BOMA San Diego.  Committees plan networking events, educational programs and seminars, and advocacy efforts related to the commercial real estate industry. Committees are where members share their experience and talents, and learn to work together on a more intimate level.  As BOMA Principal/Board Member Glenn Martin 
said “the relationships that are built (in BOMA) are truly priceless - when emergencies occur, contracts go out to bid, sharing best practices or collaborating on various labor challenges, having industry partners are key.”

When I joined BOMA San Diego 8 years ago, my goal was to build my leadership skills.  I didn’t know exactly how I was going to do this at the time, so I started by joining a couple of committees. I volunteered to sub-chair the Holiday Gift Drive in my 1st year.  In my 2nd year, a fellow BOMA member asked me to be her Vice Chair on the Awards and Scholarships committee where I learned more about how BOMA worked.  In my 3rd year, I volunteered to chair the Community Service Committee where I learned how to lead and manage others.  In my 4th year, I earned a spot on the Board of Directors and learned more about how impactful BOMA’s role is to the commercial real estate industry on different levels.  While focusing on building my leadership skills, I also built important relationships with fellow members and created a personal brand as a hard worker that has helped me gain business opportunities over time. I have also referred and used other members’ services as a result of the relationships I built within BOMA.  As Programs and Seminars Committee Chairperson Vanessa Emmery said “contributing to a committee in a leadership role has allowed me to become more engaged with the BOMA organization as a whole.”

Participating on committees also provides an opportunity for our members to build skills that help them in their day jobs.  I reached out to Principal member Bri Johnson to find out about her experience in BOMA.  She joined the Organization in 2018, and participated on the Community Service and Emerging Leaders committees.  Bri said she learned “a variety of skills..such as networking and public speaking.”  She went on to say that “networking and public speaking skills have helped me be better at my job; giving me the confidence to reach out to others, such as vendors...with questions regarding buildings I help manage.  Networking with other managers (also) gives me the opportunity to brainstorm ideas on how to be a better manager, (and) public speaking skills come in handy when reaching out to tenants and hosting events.”

The committee level is where BOMA San Diego members share their talents, grow professionally and learn more about their fellow members.  By planning out the various events and projects, members learn our to work with other industry professionals and help our Organization grow and thrive.  

Please contact the BOMA office to get more information about Committees - Audrey or Marisa