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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Section: News

As 2019 rolls in, it’s time to take stock of your current status as a commercial real estate professional. Are you on a forward moving trajectory, or are you stuck in a career rut?  It’s easy to let the days slip by, one into the other, with little attention given to YOU. The good news is that BOMA San Diego has been able to establish an ongoing scholarship awards program that will - put you on the right track to securing your continuing education, assist you in making a positive difference in your job and for your employer, and help you to have a positive and beneficial impact in the commercial real estate community.

Annually, the BOMA San Diego Scholarship Subcommittee awards two scholarships to two deserving person’s desiring to pursue and expand their career in CRE. The Scholarship can be used towards the successful completion of 
a RPA, FMA or SMA Institute Class sponsored by BOMA San Diego (valued at $1,135). The scholarship may also be used toward the BOMA Foundations of Real Estate Management Course, approved by BOMI for RPA credit (valued at $525).  Thank you Jack!

In response to your next question ‘Why is the scholarship named after Jack Moshgat’, read ahead. Jack was a former Navy submarine commander who, upon retiring from the military, went into the property management field. He had a gruff, no-nonsense exterior; but, at heart, he was a generous and genuinely nice man. He worked for Tishman West for a number of years (at the time they were one of the largest management firms on the West Coast
), and was the original manager of Columbia Center.  Jack was active in BOMA San Diego for many years and was President in 1987. He was a mentor and friend to many BOMA members in the 1980s and early-1990s, hence the decision to award the scholarship in his name. 

Last year, our two deserving, Scholarship recipients were Maru Cham with 
CBRE, and Alina Talbot with Providien Property Management. We are excitedly watching their forward progress with this assistance from Jack – you could be next!

We look forward to seeing your application!

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