Faces of BOMA- Teresa Henning
Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Section: News

Meet Teresa Henning of American Assets Trust. Teresa currently participates as a chair of Awards & Scholarships and Emergency Preparedness. Last year, Teresa was honored with "Principal Member of the Year" award at the Annual TOBY + Membership Gala.  

1) What is the name of your Company, your role and what type of buildings do you manage?  
I currently work for American Assets Trust, and have been for the last 12 years.  I am the Senior Property Manager for our corporate campus, Torrey Reserve.  All of our properties are Class A, with my 14 building campus consisting of 7 multi-tenant office, 1 mixed-use (restaurants/bank branch) and 6 NNN – restaurant, daycare, medical & retail – a nice mix.
2) You are one of our most active Principal Members, Ms. Principal of the Year 2018.  What value does your participation bring to your Company?
There is never a lack of things to do, especially partnered with a REIT, which does create challenges with my time split.  That being said, my involvement with BOMA San Diego has brought new opportunities for not just the company, but also for my team.  We give back to our communities, we have an increased understanding of and deep appreciation for the safety of our people and our clients. The knowledge and experience gained from networking with peers and Associate members, as well as local government leaders, participating in AND providing training is gold.  We are smarter and more effective on many levels for the things I now bring to the table.
3) What was the most challenging project you’ve taken on in BOMA this year and what helped you stay motivated to see the task through?
Sometimes it’s all about timing, and for me, that means any project that occurs during my budget season –anything between July-October.  This year, that project was launching, organizing, facilitating and moderating our September luncheon program with assistance from a great EP sub-committee (Robin Johns, Jeff Case & Dennis Dubert).  Knowing the value in our Active Shooter recap with a great panel of first responders & first-time participants, and the great tools that we were able to provide really helped me stay the course, despite the long, extra hours and efforts.
4) Tell us one fun fact about you that would surprise our Membership.
I think that this cat’s already out of the bag, but I was in a covers, rock-band for about 12 years – singing lead, playing guitar, writing and shaking & tapping whatever percussion item I could get my hands on (I secretly always want to be on stage, despite my ‘reserved’ demeanor).  I also was a co-writer/producer/performer of a Christian-based ‘rock opera’. The experience of recording your own music in a studio is pretty awesome.