What Has BOMA Done for You Lately?
Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Section: News

By Audrey Doherty, BOMA San Diego Executive Director 

Every year, BOMA International is out in front providing members like you with the tools and information you need to turn challenges into opportunities. BOMA is your strategic business partner, offering world-class education and training; award-winning publications, research and benchmarking data; and federal, state and building code advocacy that tirelessly protects the commercial real estate industry. We’ve compiled a snapshot of activities, resources and programs that matter to you.  

In 2018…
BOMA made your voice heard on Capitol Hill, in your state and local government and with code officials.
BOMA International defended the ENERGY STAR program from elimination to ensure you continue to have access to free benchmarking tools and energy-saving strategies.
BOMA International President Henry Chamberlain testified before Congress on the importance of making permanent and modernizing the Energy Efficient Commercial Building Tax Deduction, commonly referred to as 179D, to offset the cost of your energy-efficient capital improvements.
BOMA International’s codes team has continued to protect your interests during the 2021 International Code Council (ICC) Group A code development cycle. Through BOMA’s efforts during the last ICC code cycle, properties saved approximately $6 a square foot, mostly in avoided costs.

BOMA offered you world-class professional development and education to help you grow in your career.
BOMA presents a wide array of education programs, from in-person events to online learning opportunities, to help train new staff, solve operational problems and advance your career.
Your BOMA membership also gives you the power to strengthen your resume and offers you opportunities to develop and hone leadership skills that can be used on the job.

BOMA gave you the tools and resources to improve buildings operations and the bottom line.
BOMA offers programs, tools and best practices to help you evaluate and improve your building operations and position your properties for higher rental rates, higher tenant satisfaction scores and better performance in a competitive marketplace. These include the BOMA 360 building designation, the Office and Industrial EER benchmarking reports and BOMA’s world-renown floor measurement standards.
Your BOMA membership gives you access to member-only discounts and rebates on the supplies, materials and services you purchase every day, including a 2 percent rebate on your Home Depot purchases through BOMA’s exclusive member benefits program. More than $4 million has been rebated to BOMA members through The Home Depot rebate program this past year alone.

BOMA connected you to the best business network in the commercial real estate industry.
BOMA helps you develop your emerging leaders and new talent through scholarships, mentoring and leadership counseling.
Through your BOMA membership, you can connect with like-minded peers, collaborate on new ideas, share best practices and meet people who can help you take your career to the next level.

The more you get involved in BOMA, the more you get out of it. But you can only get involved in BOMA if you’re a BOMA member. Take the next step: renew your BOMA membership today and join a committee!