BOMA Celebrates Local TOBY Awards
Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Section: News

Last month BOMA San Diego celebrated its Annual TOBY and Membership Awards Gala at the San Diego Zoo. Three local buildings were awarded the prestigious TOBY designation:
The Yard | Owned by Oberlin Owner, L.L.C. and Managed by Makai West
The Aventine | Owned by Aventine Office Owner, L.L.C. and Managed by Rockhill Management
Del Mar Corporate III | Owned by Kilroy Realty Corp and Managed by Kilroy Realty Corp.

The TOBY, The Outstanding Building of the Year, is the most prestigious and comprehensive program of its kind in the commercial real estate industry recognizing quality in commercial buildings and rewarding excellence in building management. 

“As everyone knows, the TOBY submittal process can be quite daunting and cumbersome.”, said Jenn Flood of Makai West  “However, now that I’ve completed the process and earned the trophy, I can say it was completely worth the effort!”
The TOBY’s are the perfect opportunity to dig a little deeper into what you know about your building, how it’s managed, and how it affects, not only your tenants but the businesses and residents in the surrounding area.
“Going through this process will make you a better property manager because it forces you to complete each of those little tasks that sit on the backburner of your desk., continued Jenn.  “It’s rewarding and fulfilling once it's done and I highly encourage anyone who has the ambition and motivation to be the best, to take on this challenge.  It's a process in you learn from and grow.”