“Day at the Races” takes Gold for Opportunities!
Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Section: News

By Luke Johnson, RMR Real Estate Services

On August 2nd, bright suits, extravagant hats decorated the “Derby Days” themed occasion as lines of people “champed at the bit” to place early bets. As a first-year attendee, I quickly understood why anticipation runs high; Race Day provides a relaxed, yet formal setting that is perfect for both business and pleasure: newfound friends and contacts excitedly cheering on their chosen horses, old friends laughing over drinks, business representatives explaining their trade benefits with prospective clients. I find BOMA events, like Day at the Races, extremely valuable because it not only allows me to meet a variety of 
people, but I also gain new knowledge and insight into the problems I face in property management. Whether that answer comes in the form of a vendor solution or another manager who already solved my problem, I can obtain that solution and employ it in my day-to-day business. 
Day at the Races abounds with opportunity: the opportunity to make that solid business contact, the opportunity to solve a problem, or perhaps even the opportunity to simply have a little fun with friends.