Ask a Principal
Monday, July 23, 2018

Section: News

By Amber Molina, CommonWealth Partners

What is the name of your Company, role and what type of buildings do you manage? 

I am a Senior Property Manager for CommonWealth Partners, managing 500,000sf Class A office high rise property, onsite in the Mission Valley area.

BOMA San Diego offers a lot of different benefits to their members. In your BOMA career, you’ve tackled everything from receiving a membership scholarship and the Jack Moshgat education scholarship to winning the TOBY awards, receiving your RPA designation and serving as Vice President on the Board of Directors (to name a few). What motivates you to stay active in BOMA? 

By far the most rewarding aspect of BOMA is the incredible network of industry peer relationships I have developed over time. The ability to trade “war stories”, gain industry knowledge, learn the market trends, and tricks of the trade is an invaluable resource. I am able to build relationships with service providers that strengthen my capacity to provide the best possible service to my tenants and add value to my company. This all motivates me because it’s fun! At the executive board level, we are privileged with the opportunity to meet with state and federal legislators to speak on behalf of our industry. I truly enjoy that aspect of it, and I certainly don’t take it for granted. Our BOMA president and board members are a great group of dynamic and smart individuals, who also know how to have fun.  I am grateful for the opportunity to work alongside them, as well as all of the other hard-working members within BOMA. 

How has your leadership roles in BOMA helped you in your commercial real estate career? One of the prime functions of any manager is working with people and learning how to communicate effectively in order to achieve common goals and objectives. Commercial Property management is no different.  Learning to listen to your team, assigning tasks and projects and seeing them through fruition, are all roles we assume on the BOMA board, and at the committee leader level. Serving on the board has provided more experience in that realm, everything from problem-solving, to public speaking, active participation within BOMA at this level is essentially leadership training.  BOMA participation has given me the opportunity to help develop skills in my effort to become a better leader. Learning from your successes and failures, listening to the opinions of others, working together to take the best course of action, and most importantly learning to treat everyone with respect, are all important virtues that I have gained through BOMA. So by and large, I would venture to say that BOMA has helped me become a better a property manager.
If you could have lunch with anyone dead or alive and only ask them one question, who would the person be and what question would you ask them? First of all, if I’m having lunch with someone, why do I only get to ask one question?!! No Fair!!😊 If I could have lunch with one person it would probably be Eleanor Roosevelt. As a native San Diegan I grew up in Linda Vista, and ever since I discovered the main shopping center there was originally dedicated by Eleanor Roosevelt herself during WWII, I became intrigued, and then fascinated with her after I learned more about her accomplishments. Aside from the obvious questions involving how she able to achieve so much on a national and global scale, I would want to know more about her personality, what made her tick, & what she did for fun. So I would probably ask her something along the lines of  “What do you do for fun
on your free time, and what was the last thing that made you laugh hysterically?”