We Invite You to Take a Seat at the Next Lunch and Learn Series
Friday, June 22, 2018

Section: News

At the recent Emerging Leaders Lunch and Learn Series: Intro into Maintenance, students new to the commercial real estate industry were eager to learn the basics from A.O. Reed’s HVAC expert, Martin Naranjo. Martin’s fun and unorthodox approach to teaching kept the students engaged and encouraged open conversation. 

Since I had attended the first part of the Lunch and Learn Series, I knew I had to check out part two! The host, RSI Roofing, provided great food and contacts for future roofing needs. The instructor, Martin Naranjo, currently is
a HVAC technician at A.O. Reed and had a lot of knowledge of the industry. He started the presentation by explaining the effects of humidity, air motion, and environmental conditions on the health of a HVAC unit. We learned how a HVAC system is built and the importance of each part. Martin kept the audience engaged by asking questions and displaying his sense of humor. After this lecture, I feel more confident on my understanding of HVAC units. I am excited to see what part 3 will bring!