The Expo Buzz Continues
BOMA San Diego
Monday, April 30, 2018

Section: News

The buzz goes on for the San Diego Commercial Properties Expo hosted by BOMA, IFMA, IREM, and SDBEA. 

"I had a great time at the 2018 Expo. The event was a great way to network with vendors and management professionals as well as to get some valuable information about products and services useful for the properties I manage. The decision to combine several trade organizations together for this expo was a great idea as it brought together many vendors who I do not typically get to interact with in BOMA alone.  The location was fantastic, and I would recommend anyone in the industry to attend this great event next year.  BOMA, IFMA, IREM, and SDBEA did a great job in putting this event together, and I look forward to attending more combined events in the future!" -Jesse Neville, CBRE

“The event ran very smooth thanks to the hard work of members
from each organization. Being newer to the area, it was a great introduction to the professionals of the San Diego region. The opportunity to have fun while networking was definitely a plus. All the vendors were extremely creative with their booths. Making it an event not to be missed!” -Anthony Battistella, Gothic Landscape Maintenance.

“What a great experience to have a collaboration of organizations come together for one “Ultimate Expo” event!  My colleague and I both thoroughly enjoyed the event, enjoyed the Hollywood theme, and enjoyed catching up with both new and familiar faces.  Thumbs up!” -Vanessa Emmery, Countywide Mechanical Systems.
“The Property Expo was a splendid event at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on March 13th.  The organization and creativity that went into the booths made for an entertaining and comfortable environment for property managers and service providers to the network.  The food, prizes, and booth giveaways were a fun bonus.  Can't wait for next year’s Expo!" -Alicia Love, CBRE Inc.

This was my first expo event with Stuart Dean Company, and our first event in the local area in many years.
For our Hollywood 
theme we placed gold and red star-shaped confetti in glass star-shaped potpourri dishes. We brought camera tripods and an all-classic Hollywood red curtain for our backdrop. In the table background, we designed a “set” to resemble a directors and producers office as our overall theme was based on the classic film, “The Producers”. We dressed to resemble the two main characters in the film.  The event was excellent, and we sincerely appreciate all the effort and moving parts behind the scenes to ensure its success. This was a great opportunity for companies to get in front of existing customers, current customers, and new customers. Industry exposure to the four developed associations, BOMA, IREM, IFMA, SDBEA is a “must-have”.- James Jump, Stuart Dean Company, Inc.