Discovering the True Spirit of Feeding San Diego
BOMA San Diego
Monday, April 30, 2018

Section: News

For the third year in a row, BOMA San Diego’s Community Service Committee worked with one of its favorite charity organizations, Feeding San Diego.  This year, they were once again elbow-deep in giant yams, boxes of crispy, red apples, potatoes, and big, orange carrots, etc.  Each member had individual tasks, which fell upon naturally – unloading pallets, moving boxes down to the work tables, sorting and bagging into individual-family size containers and finally reboxing for distribution to those in need via the many participating agencies, as well as the FSD mobile pantries.  The feelings generated being physically a part of this wonderful process moved each person to remember that our worlds are bigger than our own four walls.  It’s about community, giving, supporting and participating. You too can be a part of this ‘giving back’ process.  It starts with opening your heart, and picking up the phone, and asking, ‘How can I help?’
Please check out this video to experience the true spirit of Feeding San Diego.