Adventures of Property Managers
BOMA San Diego
Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Section: News

Property Management is very exciting and every day something new arises. This adventure is about a tenant who got the shock of their life. Imagine you’re in your suite, sitting in your office on a critical conference call, then out of the blue you hear a loud crash coming from your colleague's office next door. You hear shuffling and a moan, then footsteps coming from the office towards you. You look up and see a tall man covered in dirt and debris standing in your doorway looking at you. He then enters your office and takes a seat. The scenario above actually happened to one of my tenants. When the unexpected visitor sat down in his office, my tenant asked him if he is okay.  The visitor did not respond and sat there staring at him. My tenant then informed this visitor that there was water in the lobby of his suite if he was thirsty, the visitor proceeded to get up and walked over to the lobby and got a glass of water. My tenant said he went to his office door and explained to the visitor to help himself to the water as he closed his door and locked it. He then proceeded to call emergency services. We came to discover that this unexpected visitor was a transient who found a way onto the second floor by climbing through the ceiling hatch. This person had been sleeping on the ceiling grid above my tenant's space. Police found articles of clothing, water bottles, blankets and a pillow. Luckily, the tenant was not hurt, and we revisited our security measures to find a solution to avoid this problem again. It was quite the adventure!

Annette Ahumada,  PMRB Real Estate