BOMA 360: A Holistic Designation – Case Study
Wednesday, March 14, 2018
by: BOMA San Diego

Section: News

The BOMA 360 designation is a worldwide recognition in the property management industry that is given to buildings that utilize best-in-class industry practices for the maintenance and usage of their buildings. While certifications such as LEED and Energy Star look primarily at sustainable practices, the BOMA 360 Performance Program analyzes even more aspects of building management such as tenant communication and safety. Achieving this designation provides evidence to prospective tenants and investors that the property management team serves the entire building efficiently, including the individuals inside. The program measures six facets of property management: building operations & management; life safety, security, & risk management; training & education; energy; sustainability; tenant relations & community involvement.

The submission 
for our property at 4181 Ruffin Road started when we were considering obtaining LEED certification for the building as the two designations have areas of overlap. The entire process lasted cumulatively around 3 months and took the cooperation of property managers, engineers and tenants to gather all the required information. We surveyed the types of energy efficient devices that we had on our property, took an inventory of all the disposable products that we ordered and similarly provided proof that our waste vendors used environmentally sustainable practices in disposal. Records of fire-drills were pulled from our archives as well as the educational courses provided to our engineers. Practices and procedures for water runoff were recorded and submitted to BOMA along with examples of management communication to tenants, among many other documents that aided in the thorough examination. Once we submitted our application, we were notified of the approval status at the beginning of the next quarter.

The RMR Group has sought the BOMA 360 designation for multiple properties across the United States. As a property management company that is committed to caring for both building and tenant through high energy efficiency and tenant satisfaction, we knew that this designation acts as another avenue of accountability to that commitment. As of 12/31/17, The RMR Group is tied for 9th place in the BOMA 360 Performance Program’s top 10 companies, owning 23 properties that have received the designation. For managers who wish to advertise their efforts and commitments to high building performance, BOMA 360 is a clear choice. 

Luke Johnson, RMR Real Estate Services