Experience Exchange Report Survey Now Open
Wednesday, January 24, 2018
by: BOMA San Diego

Section: News

Through the Office EER survey, BOMA collects office building income and expense data and analyzes both local markets and national markets to assess the overall financial performance of office buildings. If you manage an office building, corporate facility or medical office building, please be sure to complete the Office EER survey this year.
There are many benefits to submitting data. For submitters, we offer free reports and 40% discounts off EER subscriptions. In addition, we benefit as does BOMA International, because EER analyses are used to help inform our work on local, state and federal regulations. Please take the EER flier on your table with you—it contains the relevant information you need to participate in this year’s survey. Reminder: if you are a current BOMA 360 designee, or thinking about applying for the BOMA 360 designation, annual EER participation is a requirement.
Click eer.boma.org to learn more and submit your data. 

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