Adventures in Property Management: How To Catch A Chicken
Wednesday, January 24, 2018
by: BOMA San Diego

Section: News

One day, while working on a deadline for a monthly report, the hotel that shares our common area which I manage came in and asked me to remove a chicken that was outside. I had to have them repeat what they said as this was not a typical request or issue. Feeling obligated and curious, I went to help capture this chicken. A team of us ended up trying to lure the chicken into a box with bread crumbs, which by the way did not work, as it was a very nervous group. We even had a tenant from my building who noticed the commotion and hotel staff including their chef trying to catch the chicken. We finally surrounded it, walked it in a semi-circle, and it ended up running off the property. Definitely, a new one, and how this silly chicken ended up on the property is still a mystery.

Lauren Eckels, Unire Real Estate Group, Inc.

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