BOMA Love Story: Katie Blizzard-Kiedrowski & Husband Dallas
Friday, August 26, 2016

Section: News

1. At what BOMA event did you first meet? Was it "love at first luncheon"? Who made the first move? Was it another BOMA member that made the connection? 

KATIE: Dallas and I actually met at a happy hour hosted by a group of BOMA Associate Member companies.  I noticed him because most of the guests that night were BOMA members and he was one of the few people I didn’t recognize.  He and his coworker had come straight from work and were wearing full suits.  They’re almost the same height and wear nearly identical glasses so they were impossible to miss.  I introduced myself because I was one of the hosts and “it’s my job,” I never would have had the guts to approach him otherwise.  Despite what people think, I am NOT naturally outgoing. 

2. Were you both on a committee together? Which one?

KATIE: One of the first things we connected over was the Fight for Air Climb. I had just participated as part of the BOMA team and he had participated too.  In fact, he was on the Committee that organized the event and Assistant Manager of the building where it took place. 

3. Do you think you would have found each other if it weren't for BOMA? 

KATIE: Probably not!  Although Dallas’ company is active in other associations that I belong to, Dallas as an Assistant Manager didn’t have the freedom to attend many events or belong to committees.  The Fight for Air Climb was an exception because he worked in the building that hosted it and had to help coordinate everything. 

4. In your opinion, is an organization like BOMA an ideal place to not only make professional connections, but personal ones too? Would you predict that other members will connect the way you did? (No names, please!)

KATIE: Absolutely!!!  At this point, many of my closest friends are people I’ve met through BOMA.  When I first joined, people told me that might happen but I never believed I would meet my husband, my maid of honor and two bridesmaids there.  By the time Dallas proposed at the BOMA Gala last year, we were both able to count our closest friends as fellow BOMA members and almost all of them were in the room when it happened.  To me, BOMA is so much more than a “professional association” and it will always have a special place in my heart.