Emergency Preparedness for Businesses
Monday, August 8, 2016
by: SDG&E

Section: News

With the days growing longer and the weather growing warmer, many San Diegans welcome the change of season with vacations, beach days and BBQs. Although this season can be fun, let’s not forget how dangerous elevated temperatures can be. Moisture, high heat and wind tend to the perfect recipe for fire season. Are you prepared to protect your facility?
Remember, not all fires are created equally and must be addressed differently. To ensure your business is protected and equipped with the proper extinguisher, follow the guidelines below:

  • CLASS A extinguishers are required for ordinary combustibles such as paper, wood, rubber, plastic, cloth and similar textiles
  • CLASS B extinguishers are required for flammable liquids like gasoline, solvents, grease, lacquers and oil-based paints 
  • CLASS C extinguishers are required for electrical equipment including wiring, fuse boxes, computers, and electrical equipment

Planning and preparation are key! Visit www.osha.gov for more tips on how you can better protect your facility during the fire season. Also check out SDG&E’s fire safety tips online and in this video